Walk It Out and Bring It In

Team 6

Gymnastics for all:
LEFT: Even at 6’4”, 245#, Bilal C. has no problem taking on the challenge of working on HandStand-Walks during one of our current Strength/Skill progressions. Generally, young athletes in children’s gymnastics classes, regardless of gender, were often pushed out of the sport once it became apparent they were “not the optimal size for dominance in the sport”, thus many athletes miss out on the significant adaptational benefits of having a solid base in Gymnastics. Thanks to CrossFit, female athletes are working and adapting to what are traditionally considered “men’s” Gymnastics events and equipment, such as the Rings and Parallel Bars, while taller, bigger athletes such as Bilal are developing a strong appreciation for continued exposure to foundational Gymnastic elements and reaping the benefits it provides for life and sport.
6:00am Mayhem Camaraderie:
RIGHT: One of the things we ALL love about CrossFit is the outstanding camaraderie that is forged and so prevalent within the CrossFit community. While that camaraderie is most certainly intrinsic to CrossFit itself, it is especially apparent within the CrossFit West Community. Here is a perfect example as the “6:00am Mayhem” crew, despite still being worked over from the day’s WOD, all bring it in and gather around to support and encourage the newest member of “Team Six”, Vanessa S., as she finishes strong in only her third group class after completing Elements.



Once again, the energy in the gym was outstanding as the CrossFit West community tackled the third WOD in The Open, the wicked 13.3.  Congratulations to Brooke Ence (252), Alicia Bailey (248) and Andrea Hoorwitt (240) for the women, and David Millar (296), Chris Morse (269) and PJ Rubel (267) for the men, who put up the best in-house scores for 13.3, bumping CrossFit West Santa Cruz up to Fifth place overall in the NorCal division after the conclusion of 13.3.  CrossFit West Santa Cruz took a very impressive Second place overall in all of NorCal on 13.3 thanks to the tremendous effort and performances put forth by our athletes, coming in second only to NorCal CrossFit and their well known storied athletes like Jason Khalipa, Pat Barber and Myranda Oldroyd, and their less well known, yet just as impressive, Garret Fisher and Molly Biss.  …That’s just fricken awesome.