Warm Downs







When people first start training at CrossFit West, I often get comments such as “what about stretching?” or “do you do warm downs?”

You bet we do stretching.  Just about every movement during a CrossFit class is stretching something in your body.  How about a squat?  A squat stretches most of the muscles of the quadriceps, the glutes, the inner thighs, and even the calves and achilles tendon on some people.  How about a deadlift or a good morning?  Almost the entire posterior chain is stretched.  And, of course, the warm up specifically targets problem areas and areas that will be stressed during that day’s training.

But we don’t static stretch before a workout.  That is part of the warm down.  Everyone should do a warm down.  It is one of the essential recovery techniques that every CrossFitter should be very familiar with.  At CFWSC we rarely do a group warm down, but the box is always open for you to spend a few minutes on this important part of your workout.

After every workout you should try to do a few things.  Stretch. After training is the time to static stretch.  Your muscles are worked and your body is warm, but those muscles will soon cool off and tighten up. Foam roll. Post WOD is the best time to hit the muscles that were just stressed, as well as problem areas (my IT bands for example).  And be sure to ice.  Icing is the best weapon against muscle inflammation and soreness.  If you have a hot spot, try to ice it as soon as possible.  Don’t wait until it starts to seize up.

However, your warm down is not finished just because you leave the box. There are 3 more recovery techniques that you should employ. Contrast showers.  Yes, I know they are horrible.  Yes, I know you want to scream when that cold water first hits you.  But they are just plain good for you.  Fish oil.  Lots and lots and lots of it.  And finally, sleep.  Get a bunch.  As much as you can without getting fired or divorced.

Warm downs are integral to preventing injuries..  If you are diligent about them, they can really increase your performance.  And where is the downside to that?

What are your favorite warm down and recovery techniques?  Please post to Comments.



Find your 1RM.  Try to set a new PR.


Tabata Couplet

Clean and Jerk 155/100#

Ball Slam 20/14#

Your score is total repetitions.

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