Warning: Rant Below.


I was talking to a CrossFitter today and we were talking workouts (surprise surprise). Kinda a lean guy, he mentioned that he does well at WODs calling for endurance and stamina. I asked him what his Helen time was. He said that he had never done Helen. I asked him about Cindy (definitely a stamina WOD), but he had never done Cindy either. Jackie, no. Fran, no. Grace, no. Elizabeth, no. And the list went on.

Guys, you must do the benchmark WODs, aka the ‘storms’ or the ‘girls’. These are the backbone of CrossFit. In them you can discern the evolution of CrossFit. Not too mention they are wicked workouts. Everyone should hit the storms on a regular basis. Don’t use excuses like “I am bad at thrusters” to avoid doing Fran. How will get you better at thrusters? By doing Fran regularly and hard. Suck at cleans? Do Grace and Elizabeth. Scale them if you need to, but do them. Keep track of your times and how you scale the WODs so you can chart your progress.

If you are a trainer, or have aspirations to be one, then doing the storms will give you a great insight into programming. The storms come directly from Coach Glassman when he was in Santa Cruz and regularly training people. Doing the storms will also give you insights into the movements that you can pass on to your clients.

So hit the storms. Really charge them. Of course, if you are just beginning, learn the movements and take things slow, but doing the storms will take you deep into CrossFit.

Good luck.

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One of the girls. Anyone you want.

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