Warrior Dash

The fire jump from the SoCal Warrior Dash earlier this year.

The Warrior Dash is coming to Northern California.  And right in our backyard in Hollister. Warrior Dash NorCal is right around the corner on October 30th.  Let’s get a group together and dominate.

The Warrior Dash is an adventure run of 3.5 miles with various obstacles to conquer.  Fire pits need to be jumped over, barbed wire needs to be mud crawled under, huge bales of hay need to be surmounted, and walls need to be climbed.  It looks fantastic.

On top of all that goodness, it looks like every entrant gets a t-shirt, a free beer, and a horned viking helmet. Oh yeah.  Warrior/Viking/Celtic/anything from a movie my wife would laugh at me for seeing costumes are a plus.

The deadline to register is October 8th and the registration fee is 45 smacks. An entry form can be found here.

Who is in?

Update: I just received a $5 off coupon code from the race promoters.  If you are interested, I will email it to you.


Rest Day

Helen; excellent form in the deadlift set up.