Watch Your Language

By Jocelyn

“I suck at Cleans.”

“I’ll never be able to do a muscle up.”

“I can’t Snatch this weight.”

I can’t. I’ll never. I suck.

Do any of these statements sound vaguely familiar? We’ve all thought these types of things during CrossFit, or worse, have said them out loud. And whats even worse? It often comes right before we are about to attempt it. As a coach and competitive athlete I must sternly say to you, watch your language!

The problem with negative statements like those above is the self fulfilling prophesy that is sure to follow. I had this conversation with my coach just the other day, right after I did it myself. If you say something before you lift like “I suck at cleans,” you are already partially defeated. Then, if and when you fail on the lift you reinforce the ridiculous belief. “See? I told you I suck at cleans!” Before you know it, it’s really true.

So how can you break the cycle? Positive self talk for one. Change the dialog that goes on in your head from poisonous thoughts to positive ones. The moment you feel the negativity creeping in, change it immediately. Be assertive about it. Be arrogant if you have to. Do what Golden does and say “I’m a beast!” If the negativity is still creeping in plug your ears and say “lalalala” if you have to. Just change it to something good.

Secondly, when you are speaking out loud about yourself and your performance, don’t use negative language. Don’t say “I suck at cleans.” Say, “I’m struggling with cleans.” “I can’t” becomes “I have trouble with.” “I suck at” becomes “I haven’t yet mastered.” “I’ll never” becomes “It’s a long term goal.”

If you can learn to control your language, whether inside your head or out loud, you will be amazed at it’s manifestation in your performance.

“I am a machine. “




7 Rounds

12 Ball Slams (40/25)

16 KB Cross Chops (53/35- 8 ea side)

15 Box Jump (20)