Weaker Than Man

Sasja gets prepares to squat.

Sasja prepares to squat.

Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man. Homer, “The Odyssey”, Book 18

If you look around the animal kingdom, it’s pretty obvious that humans wouldn’t make the interspecies sportscenter top 10 highlights. Running, jumping, swimming, climbing, pulling or carrying heavy weights, fighting, sprinting, you name it, we aren’t anywhere near the top. Not to mention our pathetic flying ability. For just about every movement included in the recent CrossFit Games, you could find another species that would blow a human away at it. But, just for that movement.

And that, is a big ‘but’. Certainly other species are stronger, or sprint faster, or swim better, or have more endurance, or climb better. But is there another species that does all of that as a collective whole better than humans? I don’t think so. And, while I am definitely not a zoologist, or even a well-read layperson, I would wager that I am right. So, in a sense, humans are the natural crossfitters of the animal kingdom. Not the best at any one thing, but good non-specialists. To take it a step further, by doing CrossFit, you are in your natural element.

Sure, I’m not going to be invited to present on this idea at the next meeting of the Royal Society of Science, but it’s interesting to think about.