Weakness Month

Kono; bottom of the snatch

Olympic gold...again

Kono strikes a bodybuilding pose. You can bet those thighs are not from leg extensions.

A champion is a champion because he works on his weak areas rather than specializing on his strong point(s).  A champion keeps improving because he is willing to work on the exercises he dislikes for he knows that it is necessary.

The above quotation is by the great Tommy Kono, an American 2 time Olympic Champion and probably the only lifter to hold world records in four different weight classes (maybe there are others, but it is pretty damn impressive).  I especially like the second sentence in the quotation–willing to work the exercises he dislikes. It certainly worked for Kono.

So, here is the plan.  Choose one weakness (most of us have more than one, I need a trailer to carry all mine around with me).  If you can’t figure one out, ask a trainer.  We are going to attack this weakness on our own after class for one month.  This plan of attack should take two forms.

  1. Attacking the weakness directly.  Perhaps you raise your hips too early and too much on a deadlift, thus doing a stripper deadlift.  Attacking this weakness directly would be to do deadlifts with a lighter weight and really concentrate on keeping the hips in time with the chest and knees. Another example might be tightness in the hips preventing a full squat.  A direct attack would be to stretch the hips and surrounding muscles, maybe PNF squats.
  2. Attacking the weakness through auxiliary exercises.  Using the first above example, auxiliary exercises would be snatch grip deadlifts, or deadlifts while standing on a block or plate.  The second example might be to foam or ball roll the hips and surrounding areas as well as working on and stretching the ankles and hamstrings.

Please ask a trainer to help you with your plan of attack.

The month of February is rapidly approaching.  I am choosing it as Weakness Month since it is the shortest month and that way any possible bellyaching and wingeing can be kept to a minimum.  So, decide on a weakness, talk to a coach about the two plans of attack, and get ready for a rewarding month.

What do you think your weakness of choice is going to be?  Please post to Comments.


Front Squats


Do 5 broad jumps for speed and distance after each set.


Bench Press bw

15, 10 , 5


30, 20, 10

Post squat weights and WOD time to Comments.