Weightlifting; It Makes Everything Better

The first (6am)...

and last (6pm) class of the day.

I came across this short video from right before the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  It talks about how every Olympic hopeful who walks through the door at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, is put on a strength and conditioning program that primarily centers on weight lifting.  Everyone, regardless of sport.

This made me happy, because one of the prime tenets of CF West Santa Cruz is that weightlifting is good for you.  Good for everybody.  But, it is so hard to convince people of this.  I think that most people’s idea of weightlifting is bodybuilders on television or the wannabes at Golds which understandably doesn’t hold much appeal.  When it is explained that weightlifting in CrossFit is more inline with the way professional and Olympic athletes train, the first response is “oh, I could never do that” and the second response is “oh, I don’t need that, I am just looking to get in better shape.”

Well, here it is.  You CAN do that and yes, you NEED to do that.  Just like at the Olympic Training Center.  Weightlifting, and heavy at that, makes everything better.  Especially you.

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Power Clean

Find new 2RM


5 Rounds

10 DB Thrusters 40/25#

8 Pullups C2B

300m Row