Weightlifting Seminar

The CF West Summer Sports Series continues this Saturday with the Olympic Weightlifting Seminar. The seminar will be taught by Billy Bybee and Ian Droze, two Olympic lifters out of John Broz’s Gym in Las Vegas. Ian won three bronze medals at the recent 2011 US National Weightlifting Championships and Billy placed 4th. Their gym, Average Broz Gymnasium, also produced the 2011 heavyweight champion, Pat Mendes.

Both Billy and Ian were accomplished CrossFitters and CrossFit coaches before dedicating themselves to Olympic weightlifting. Besides being very good coaches and excellent technicians, they have a unique method of teaching the lifts that is highly effective.

Not only will the seminar be very informative, it will also be a lot of fun. If you want to take your lifting to a new level, this is for you. Space is limited, so sign up now. There is a sign up sheet on the front desk.

What: Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

When: This Saturday, July 23rd

Time: 11am-5pm with a short break for lunch

Where: CrossFit Los Gatos

Cost: 100 bucks

Please post any questions to Comments.

The moment of power is Billy’s 330# clean and jerk (double bodyweight!) from the Nationals last Sat.



7×1 @ 90% 1RM


7 Rounds w/1 minute rest between rounds

3 Hang Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

Go as heavy as you can without dropping the bar.

Assess a penalty of 1 rope climb for every dropped bar.


Prowler Suicides 5-10-15yds


Do 2 rounds. Rest as needed between rounds.