Weightlifting Shoes!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!  And the attire that can help take you to the next level.  In fact they are an absolute must if you want to be serious about your weightlifting and strength training portion of CrossFit.  First off, the hard wooden soles are solid so they don’t compress under heavy loads the way that running shoes do.  Running shoes act like shock absorbers for long distance running, the complete opposite of what you want in a weightlifting shoe.  A weightlifting shoe, on the other hand, has no give allowing you complete stability while lifting heavy weights and receiving Olympic lifts like the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Second, the raised heel increases the ankles’ range of motion allowing you to sit back on your heels (how many times have you heard “weight on the heels!!!!”) while keeping your torso upright.  This is particularly important for athletes who are inflexible and or tall/long legged.

Don’t believe us?  Just ask all the new folks who got theirs for Christmas!

Good places to get shoes:

Dynamic Eleiko

Buy Weightlifting Shoes

*Shoes are men’s sizes only.  Men choose sizes that you would wear in a dress shoes.  Women are usually 1.5 size smaller (ie: if you are a women’s 7 get a men’s 5.5)


Press 5×5

2 Rounds of the following:

3 min AMRAP Butcher Push with partner

1 min rest

3 min AMRAP :

6 Broad Jumps

6 KB Swings

6 Push Ups