Welcome Back


Britsy and Graham at Machu Picchu during their recent month long trip to Peru. Graham reps CrossFit West hard while Britsy hits some Pistols at 7,972 ft elevation (2,430 m). They also hiked to the top of the El Misti volcano to an elevation of 19,101 ft (5,822 m).  For those who’ve joined within the last month, you may not have had the opportunity to meet Graham and Britsy Neale yet. For those who have been here longer than a month, you know they are a beloved part of the CrossFit West community and you have likely missed them just as much as we have. Welcome back, you two!

For those who would like to see the “Behind The Neck Jerk” in action, here’s a couple cool old-school videos from one of my very favorite places anywhere in the world.  The Boys  video and  The Girls video.  The Boys video stars Kelley Starrett, Tony Budding, Adrian Bozman, and, yes, yours truly, haha, though I mostly Push-Press rather than Jerk. The Girls video stars Nicole Carol and Jamie Budding.