Welcome Back


Vince, hitting it hard during Thursday’s Triplet. (Yes, Vince actually does have legs.)

As Coaches, it’s always difficult for us when one of our members moves away.  It’s never easy to say goodbye.  Not for us.  Not for the member who has to leave.  But one of the great joys of being a Coach is always when a long time member who has been away for a while, moves back to town and re-joins!  We’ve had two members within the past month who’ve done just that!  Greg and Vince, you were both missed!  Welcome back!

BTW, Vince has come fresh off of doing THREE of the GORUCK Challenges and is planning on doing the GORUCK Heavy soon.  If any of you are planning to do the challenge with Pete, J. and I here in Santa Cruz on June 14th, Vince said he can help us all prepare!


Hang Squat Snatch: Find 1RM


3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run

8 OH Squats 135/95#

16 KB Swings 53/35#