Well Rounded


I was having a bit of a chin wag with CF West’s new coach Jason H and we were talking about bygone days at the old HQ here in Santa Cruz.  I had just spoken with Greg Amundson and since Jason is also an old friend of Greg’s (Greg and I used to take Jason’s class), I was filling him in on the latest news.  That got us to talking about old CrossFitters and WODs and such and we both agreed that Greg was the hardest charging CrossFitter we have known.  

Now, no one has been around quite as long as Jason, so that meant a lot coming from him.  What made (I am using the past tense, but Greg is still training and very active in CrossFit) Greg such a great CrossFitter, probably the best in the early days?  It was several things:  

Greg was very well rounded.  He wasn’t the very strongest, but he was pretty close.  Other people were faster, but Greg was quick, especially with weight.  Certainly he had good technique, but not the greatest.  He was just good at everything.  

Greg, and here is one of his greatest strengths, just attacked his weaknesses.  When he identified a weakness, he really went after it.  He was relentless about it.  He could not stand having a chink in his armor.  And he was imaginative about it.  If he felt that running was holding back his Helen time, then he didn’t just go jog. He ran hills towing a tire, he did timed sprints, he read books about running.  And it was this attitude, this attack your weaknesses attitude, that gave him his well rounded ability to be good at everything.  And that, especially back in the day, is what Crossfit is all about.

Greg also had a certain tenacity born of real determination and great stamina.  He really pushed a WOD.  Greg just didn’t stop.  He gave a kind of juggernaut impression.  And because of his well roundedness he didn’t have to grind to a stop when confronted with a big weakness (like I do with ring dips).  

It all ties together.

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10 Rounds

100m Row

2 Clean and Jerks 185/135#

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