What Are You Training For?

Hmm, there must be a secret dress code memo.

People come to CrossFit for many reasons, and one of the things that will make your CrossFitting experience the best is realizing your own purposes here.

Most people in your class want to be active, healthy, and fully able to enjoy whatever life brings, and their goals might be to stay healthy, be stronger, and move more than they would without CrossFit. These people are training not to compete, but to live a full life, enjoying the world and people around.

The great thing about CrossFit is that is it designed for just that-it helps you gain strength to do those everyday or not so everyday life tasks like moving heavy object, lugging your luggage around, or tossing your grandkids up in the air.  It is also designed to help you move a faster, to run longer, to have that extra umph to just keep going, whether its in your daily activities or your trip to enjoy the great outdoors.  CrossFit is designed to make to your agile, coordinated, and aware of your body movements, all handy when juggling the many demands of life, both mundane and exciting.

CrossFit is here to help you be a better person, a person who is able to live life enjoying all that comes your way.  Be sure to keep that in mind, train smart, and be sure to get out there and enjoy life outside the gym!





5 Rounds:

3 Muscle Ups (sub 9 pullups/9 dips)

15 Wallballs 20/14#