“What Are You Training For?”


Matt and Molly, overhead lunges.

Matt and Molly, overhead lunges.

“What are you guys training for?”  It is a question I am very familiar with.  All this last summer CF West held regular workouts at the East Field track at UC Santa Cruz, and Amundson and I worked out there off and on over the years as well.  Even at Gold’s Gym Santa Cruz, where CF West rents space, I am asked it a lot.

People are always a little surprised and they kinda shake their heads in amazement when I answer, “Not training for anything.  Just havin’ fun. Trying to get fitter.”  It is almost as if they can’t comprehend that someone would train like that if there wasn’t a specific short term reason, like an NCAA championship, or the jujutsu Pan Am Games, or the NFL combine.

My question is this, why doesn’t everyone train like they preparing for an NCAA championship, or the jujutsu Pan Am Games, or the NFL combine?  Why spend all that time and money at a gym and mess around.  If you want results, train for them.  Get serious.  Everyone has a an idea in their mind of what they should look like, or how strong they should be, or a person they want to emulate.  But, I think that most people have no idea how hard that person works.

And that is why CrossFit intensity always surprises people.


Work up to a 1RM in the split jerk.


6 x 4 (3 sets right leg/3 sets left leg)

Overhead Lunges 75% 1RM