What do you do outside CrossFit?

For your own fitness?

A little rain won't stop Lolo from being outside. All he needs is his Toy Story umbrella!

We all love CrossFit for a myriad of reasons, deep and meaningful reasons that keep us here even with all of those fabulous (horrendous??) AirDynes, Cliff’s gut-splitting jokes, Sam’s love of power clean/push-up combos and Jason’s affinity for thrusters and 400m runs, even with Danny’s love for pushing us into the longer time domains, and yes, even with Chris’ red hair.

But central to a greater understanding, appreciation and application of CrossFit is certainly pursuing sport and fitness outside of the walls of this gym.  Being strong in the gym is great.  How have you seen this new strength help you in your regular life or sport? What sports or active past-times do you enjoy outside of our CrossFit box?  We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, what do you do to get out there and actively enjoy it?

Please post thoughts to comments.

**Important schedule change for Morgan’s stretching and mobility classes – effective immediately:

Tuesday – 6pm and  Thursday – 10am


Heavy Kettlebell Swings

10 on the minute for 10 minutes of work


1000 m row


Push Ups

Ab mat sit ups

Double unders

1000 m row