What is this RPE?

last week some of you all were thrown off by the back squats with this whole RPE business. Here is a little info on these 3 awesome letters!

What does it mean?

– Rate of perceived exertion (RPE)

What is it?

– RPE is used to measure how hard something feels to you. The higher the number, the harder the set felt.

Why though?

– Everybody comes into the gym feeling different. Life stress, sleep, the weekend, hard workout the day before, etc. Pretty much life sometimes gets in the way of gainzz.  RPE allows you to push it based on how hard a weight feels for you at that moment.

Can I get some form of scale to understand the numbers.

–  Below:rpe-flow-chart

10: Maximal, no reps left in the tank

9: Last rep is tough but still one rep left in the tank

8: Weight is too heavy to maintain fast bar speed but isn’t a struggle; 2–4 reps left

7: Weight moves quickly when maximal force is applied to the weight; “speed weight”