What You Can Do Today

Eagen in the middle of tripling 460#.

Eagen in the middle of tripling 460#.

What can I do today, not what can I do in 30 days.

—Bill Nadal on injury rehab

CrossFit Los Gatos ace athlete Chris Eagen was chewing through the Open and on his way to the Regionals last year when in March he suffered one of the more devastating injuries an athlete can suffer–a snapped Achilles Tendon. Witnesses said it sounded like a gun shot. Not only was Chris out of competition and destined for surgery, but rehab would be a long and frustrating process. Forget squatting or running or lifting, simply standing unaided was the first goal and basic forward locomotion–walking–the second. Chris wore a boot for months and it was only a month or so ago that he was cleared for Olympic lifting.

From the beginning, I was amazed at his attitude. Chris never lost his smile and his focus on training seemed to be even tighter than before the injury. The moment he was back in the gym, Chris did what he could do that day. At first it was all upper body–seated press, bench, pullups, etc. Later he was able to add muscle ups and other ring work. It was months before he was able to even air squat, much less put a barbell on his back, but Chris never faltered. He never lamented what he couldn’t do, but just focused on what he could. He didn’t look ahead, but rather lived with what he could do right then and there.

Last week, Chris tripled his former deadlift 1RM of 460 pounds. It was a watershed moment. That snapped tendon was now stronger and more pliable than it had been before, able to withstand the force of hundreds of pounds statically. The next step for Chris is explosive movement–running, snatches, jerks, cleans. He won’t be the same force in the NorCal individual scene as he might have been last year, but he is going team, focusing on the here and now, not lamenting what might have been. Next year it might be different, but when dealing with injuries, you have to do what you can do today, not what you can do in 30 days,

It’s all pretty inspirational, if you ask me.

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OTM for 10 Minutes

2 Push Press @ last week’s # +5lbs


21, 15, 9

Overhead Squats 115/75#

Pull Ups