What’s Your Weakness?

The 9am Posse

Nadia demos the rarely used uni-lateral leg weight.

OK folks, Weakness Month has arrived.  What is the weakness that you are going to address this month.  Think small, rather than big.

Let’s look at some examples:

If you feel that the snatch is a weakness, do not focus on the snatch.  It is too big.  What part of the snatch is your biggest weakness?  Dropping under the bar?  Getting triple extension on the pull?  Hips rising ahead of the chest coming off of the ground?  Think small.  You are just going to work on one of the above, not the entire snatch.

Maybe you are feeling pain in your wrists when cleaning.  Why?  Remember, think small.  Are your elbows down due to shoulder, trap, and rhomboid tightness?  Is the bar not landing in a good rack position because it is too far out in front of you?  Not dropping under the bar at all?  Think small.

Pick a weakness, talk it over with a coach, get some primary and assistance exercises you can do after class.  We are not looking to change whole movements during Weakness Month, but rather conquer a single weakness.  This has to be something you can do on your own and do after class when fatigued.  Think small.

Good luck.

What weakness are you focusing on this month?  Please post to Comments.

A huge congratulations to Leslie on getting her first muscle up!


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