Whole30 Lifelong Habits By Karnivore Kayla

I’m going to make this quick, and seemingly painless.


I am doing a Whole30 and I’m taking you all down with me.


That’s right! But hey, can we be real for a sec? It’s not as crazy, or as difficult as it seems. Yes, I have commitment issues too, like I really enjoy broccolini, but I really enjoy almond butter cookies.


I learned after not very many years in adulthood that asking “What’s your New Years resolution?” can result in either a chipper and enthusiastic reaction, stumbling over words because one cannot decide what goal they want to spit out first, or someone rebelliously blowing up in my face telling me that goals are for losers and that only only juveniles have such dreams. I am, of course, only a product of my environment where I’ve been asked since kindergarten to make a New Years resolutions, even though my only resolution for 10 years was to finish all my halloween candy.


The second reaction has spoiled my preference to want to relate a food challenge to New Years resolutions whatsoever. This challenge is more of a get-your-s&%#-together-Barb.


What eeeez it?: Whole30 is a 30-day challenge (this is the key word here) that eliminates alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, and legumes. Pretty much anything processed and/or refined. These things can be psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, and can cause inflammation. So what’s left to eat?? Whole foods, rich in nutrition. Making meals that satiate–leave you full, satisfied, and well nourished, not hungry, wanting, and craving. Foods that encourage a healthy relationship with food, keep your hormones in balance, make your gut healthy, and minimize inflammation.


But WHY!!!!: The other reason I don’t think of this as a “New Years Challenge” is because the habits you create should be long-term. The idea is to change your eating habits and cravings, and change the way you think about food without counting or restricting calories. Think of it as hitting the reset button to your metabolism, ridding yourself of digestive issues, balancing hormones, controlling breakouts and allergies, and reducing aches and pains. Looking to gain the benefits of higher energy levels, clearer skin, improved mental focus, better sleep and improved athletic performance which leads to faster recovery.


I’m afraid to ask…but who?: If everyone and their mother from the gym did this challenge with me, I could truly rest in peace. Let’s be realistic here…if you want to get back on the wagon after a gluttonous holiday season or just an overall rough 2016, improve your performance in the gym, or create good habits, then I want you to join me.


Where does this cult meet?:

If I could follow you home after a CrossFit class in the least stalkerish way, slap the poor choices out of your hands, cook you a meal, and spoon feed it to you, I would. But I don’t have that kind of time, energy, and it doesn’t pay my rent. This Whole30 is you, meeting yourself in the grocery store, in your kitchen, or in your dads kitchen, making good, conscious decisions. I can hold you accountable, but at the end of the day, you make your own decisions. A Whole30 runs really smoothly when there is a group effort. You have endless resources. You will have my email if you have specific questions or concerns, my @calikooks instagram page for ideas and recipes, and recipes on the CrossFit West/Ready blog.


Maybe…but when?: This challenge will begin on Monday, January 23rd. You have time to prepare. The hardest part of Whole30 is preparation which leads to success. Have meals ready to go, designate time to food prep, make enough food to have leftovers. Over the next couple weeks I will provide information to get you as ready as possible starting with a “HECK YES” and “HELL to the NO” list, my favorite resources to get inspiration from, and what to do when everyone makes fun of you for taking care of yourself.


In the strong words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.”


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