Why Did You Start CrossFit?





What about CrossFit first bit your imagination?  What got you hooked?

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Recently we have been working the overhead squat in detail and abundance.  The OH squat, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated and least practiced movements in the CrossFit arsenal.  Very few movements tie the body and mind together like the OH squat.  It is also one of the most humbling movements around.  Strong men and women, people who have big squats and good presses, are just confounded when the two movements are joined in the OH squat.  

Working the overhead squat will not give one leg strength like heavy squats, nor shoulder strength like heavy presses, but the movement is rewarding in a myriad of ways beyond simple strength–power, flexibility, dexterity, balance, technique, to name but a few.  The overhead squat increases nearly every attribute named in CrossFit’s Ten Attributes of Fitness.  Focus on the overhead squat is time well spent.

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21, 15, 9

Thruster 95/65#

Row for calories

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