With A Little Help From My Friends

The photo above means a lot to me. Yeah, it’s a pretty simple pic, but it says volumes about CrossFit and CrossFit West Santa Cruz. Kat is helping Lisbeth quickly add some weight to her bar before the top of the minute. Why does that mean so much to me? Well, Kat has only been training at West for a couple of weeks, and no one said to her during her Elements classes, ” hey, when doing on the minute work, always help someone change the weight on their bar”, but she jumped to help anyway. Now Kat is a pretty nice person, as well as being a CF beast in the making, but she decided to help because in the couple weeks she has been at CFWSC, she has seen that kind of community exhibited over and over again.

If you are a CrossFitter at an affiliate and you are reading this, you might not get it. You might be “so what, that happens at my affiliate all the time.” And that is exactly my point.  That kind of behavior is not common practice in most gyms, but it is commonplace in CrossFit gyms (I am sure that it happens in other gyms too, but I have not seen much of it).  And that makes me happy and proud of CrossFit.  It’s the community as much as the results that makes CrossFit unique, and the above pic is a perfect example of that.

Great to have you with us Kat and Lisbeth.

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A big congratulations to Jaime R on nailing his first muscle up today. He went on to get 3 consecutive ones. Great work Jaime.

BOXING!This Saturday, the 20th, from 1-3. Sign up sheet is at the front desk. $15.



Back Squat

1RM-set new PR


5 Rounds

20 Pullups

20 Double Unders