WOD Awareness

One of the great things about the CFW experience is the broad range of class experiences-from just a couple of people and a trainer to a holiday class with the gym absolutely packed.  There are so many unique experiences and learning situations in each type of class, but the larger classes present a few things we all need to be particularly mindful of.

In order to make your class work the best that it can, be aware of a few things in particular-

*Sharing racks

This gives you a great opportunity to get to know someone better, to have another person to watch your lift and push you a bit more, and you have a chance to encourage someone else as well.  You also should cherish the rest period that comes with sharing a rack during your lifting time.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone to share or to offer!

*WOD set up

Be certain you are very aware of where you are working, and where your neighbors are working.  Set up your boxes, bars, and KB in a place that allows you and your neighbors to work well.  Also be sure all of your extra stuff-old plates, shoes, water, shirt, etc…are safely out of everyone’s way.

*WOD awareness

No matter how intensely you tackle the wod, you need to remain aware of where you are running, which rope you are using, which pull up bar you grab, and where you jump rope.  We all know that it is very possible to develop tunnel vision when you go all out, but it is your job to remain aware of your movements and surroundings.

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Split Jerk: 1RM.


Partner “Jackie”

Row 2000m

100 Thruster (45/33)*

60 Pullups

*once the thrusters are started the bar cannot touch the ground – bar must be passed between partners.