Worked Hard

Worked hard.

On a jerk today, this bumper hit the ground and just shattered, completely falling off the bar. Bumpers fail, especially at a heavy lifting gym like CF West, but usually only 15s and 10s totally come apart. On 45 pound bumps, the metal insert in the center is usually the failure point. But not this one. It went all the way.

After taking the pic above, I took a closer look at the broken bumper plate. I realized it was from the very first batch of plates I bought over three years ago when I first started CF West. It was a real CFWSC original. How many times had that 45 been dropped, I mused to myself. How many big lifts had that bumper been a part of?  How many PRs? What difference had that bumper made in people’s lives?

I know it may sound silly, but that bumper helped change peoples lives. A lot of people bettered themselves with that bumper’s help. That’s because CrossFit changes people’s lives and CrossFit West Santa Cruz has been in the life changing business for that bumper plate’s entire life.

So, give a little nod of respect to that fallen bumper. It was worked hard.

Here are a few extra pics from this week:

Sometimes you just need a little help with your foam rolling.

Thruster! Emily K.




7×2 @ 80% 1RM


The Dirty Thirties

15 pullups

30 wallball 20/14#

30 kb swings 53/35#

30 thrusters 85/60#

30 burpees

30 slam ball 35/20#

30 box jumps

15 pullups

And the daily moment of might: