World Community

Yeah, wow. Totally mind blowing. World community takes on a whole new meaning with this photo.

CrossFit West co-owner Cliff H made a very insightful comment (yep, it surprised me too) the other day, “we [modern society] have lost the ability to disagree amicably.”

He is right. Differences in opinion are now aggressively argued with an opponent, no longer debated. People are increasingly isolating their social circles along political, monetary, or religious lines. It is sad.

I took a look around the gym during the next class after Cliff’s comment, and I was happy to see that CrossFit is an exception. There were people of all different ages, racial backgrounds, income levels, political and religious beliefs, and of course, fitness levels, in class. And that made me happy. A diverse community bonded by hard work and a passion for it.

One thing the CrossFit Games Open is proving is that the CrossFit West Santa Cruz community, and any other affiliate’s, is part of a vastly larger community. A community spanning over 82 countries and 68 thousand participants in the Open alone. A world community. That’s pretty cool.

Question: At 68,826 participants, is the Open the largest single sporting event ever? Where does it rank?

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