Yeah Boomers

Robert works the OH squat under the eye of ace CF West trainer Ed Evans.    

Robert works the OH squat under the eye of CF West ace Ed Evans.

CF West’s class for seniors, CrossFit Boomers, is rapidly becoming one of our most popular classes.  Centered around CrossFit West Santa Cruz trainer Ed Evans, CF Boomers addresses critical issues in the aging process, such as balance, agility, strength, and flexibility.  Boomers class members range from beginning trainees to endurance athletes to seniors interested in functional movement for continued independent living.  Classes are modeled on a regular CF West class, consisting of warm up, skill work, strength and power training, and the WOD. There is great emphasis on technique progression and functional movement transfer to everyday life.  All in all, CF Boomers bears the hallmarks of a CrossFit class–eclectic, disciplined, hard, and skilled.

CrossFit Boomers at CF West meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7AM. For more info, please contact Ed at (831) 247-6775 or [email protected].


5 Rounds

250m Row

6 Clean and Jerks 155/100#

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