Yes, Deadlifts Again







“Yes, deadlifts again.”  I uttered those words in response to a question from one of CF West’s firebreathers today.  The athlete to whom I was speaking has been training at CFWSC since last summer and really started charging CrossFit about 4 months ago.  Along the way he has put on a good 15-20 pounds of solid functional muscle, cut fat from an already lean body, steadily dropped all his times, can box jump over 3/4 his own height, and can do a 405# deadlift with virtually no warm up (not a good idea, but he can do it).  He is murdering the competition in his chosen sport and people have joined CF West because they are so impressed with his progress.

CF West loves the deadlift.  We go for singles, 3RMs, whatever.  We put it in our specialty, the heavy metcon, all the time.   We do clean pulls and other deadlift variations.  We focus on technique and talk about creating tension until steam shoots out of my ears like in cartoons.  Jujutsu fighter?  Great, deadlift.  Marathon runner?  Awesome, deadlift.  Volleyball player?  Right on, deadlift.  Middle-aged software designer?  Welcome to the deadlift.  Waitress? Pile some more weight on that deadlift bar.  

Simply put, the deadlift is the cornerstone of the CFWSC strength building programming.  But, hard as it is to believe, sometimes athletes might find our emphasis on the deadlift a little monotonous.  Like the athlete above who I was talking to today.

Yes, maybe that athlete is tired of doing deadlifts, but look at the gains he has made.  Pretty incredible.  And the cause for all those great effects was, in lage part, our focus on the deadlift.  So, I have no problem turning a deaf ear to the few complaints I might get about deadlifting again. To paraphrase, never bite the movement that feeds you.

What are your thoughts on the deadlift?  Please post to Comments.


10 Rounds on the 1 minute interval

100m Row Sprint

2 Deadlifts 80% 1RM

Take 1 minute break after 5 rounds.

Post WOD and score to Comments.