“You CAN do it…”

CrossFit is replete with stories of people who have physically transformed themselves, lost a lot of weight, gained muscle, leaned out, and every other late night infomercial promise. However, in CrossFit these stories are true, and you can’t spend any amount of time in a CF gym without meeting one of these stories in person. Heck, many of us are these stories. Obviously I love those stories, but I think I like hearing about the non-physical effects of CrossFit even more. I have written about this side of CrossFit before, herehere, and here for example, and I think it is an under-realized aspect of CrossFit training. So, here is another example I was recently sent.

This post is written by a member who wanted to remain anonymous. She has been CrossFitting since the end of last year, about 9 months, and she recently took some large chunks of time off her 10k race times.

So I am not a very good or fast runner, but every year I sign myself up for a 10k run, and every year when that gun shot fires, I think to myself, “this was a bad idea”. This year I ran the Wharf to Wharf and the Race through the Redwoods, and my only goal (besides finishing) was beating my time from last year. I did just that. I beat my W2W time by 4 minutes, and my RTR time by 3.

Now in my opinion, this really isn’t anything to write home about. However, after thinking about how I felt during the race, physically and mentally, I realized how much I have to attribute to CrossFit training. Usually I would take short breaks, but this year I pushed through and ran the whole way without stopping once. When my legs got tired, I thought about how much more exhausted and sore I get during class. I really noticed the increase in stamina and endurance that I have gained, and it was motivating.
I thought about the mental dedication it takes to show up to the box everyday, even though you know you’re gonna have your ass handed to you. CrossFit not only conditions you physically, but emotionally too. You know you can do it, maybe not as fast as the next guy, but who cares? You CAN do it, and with every day you get stronger, you make fewer excuses for yourself.
I remember my dad telling me when I was younger, “you can’t do something unless you can first picture yourself doing it”. That always stuck with me, and every year I picture myself crossing that finish line and then getting a beer.
Give it all you got and finish strong. You’re already spending the hour; why not make every minute count?


To my mind, it is the intangible benefits of CrossFitting that are the benefits that will end up being the most useful, that will make the biggest difference in your life.

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7 Heavy Singles


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

1 Deadlift-heavy

7 Pullups

7 Plate Situps 45/25#

Chris Carlson –11 rounds with 335#.