ERad charges a truly savage headwind en route to an 13th place finish at last weekend's Santa Cruz 10K.

One of the CrossFit West Santa Cruz members has started riding her bike recently in order to gear up for a mountain biking workshop next month.  Below she writes about an epiphany she had while struggling up a particularly brutal hill.

There were moments when I absolutely wanted to quit. There were moments when my quads were cramping, I was gasping for air and literally the only thing that kept me going was a mantra of “”.  And, cheesy or not, I know that that mantra was born from the CrossFit world. Finishing all those stupid (wonderful) WODS that made me want to cry and/or die is really what has instilled in me the idea that I CAN do things.

So thank you CrossFit.

Thank you for convincing me that I can do pullups and throw heavy weight around. Thank you for convincing me that 30 wasn’t too late to learn how to swim. Thank you for teaching me that strong is beautiful. Thank you for putting that little voice inside my head that told me to quit my job, and change my life, and make it to the top of that goddamned hill.

I wish every person who ever wanted to change their life could read those two paragraphs.  That anyone who ever thought about starting CrossFit could read those few sentences.  That, right there, is the reason CrossFit has grown so much, the reason people are so fanatical about it, the reason I chose to make CrossFit my career.

You want to change, you got it, you can make it happen, and we will help.  But, in the end, at the close of the day, you are the one who is going to have to do it.  And it’s not easy.  But “” and the result, at least in the member writing above, is a completely different you.  A stronger you, a better you.

Yeah, I know I sound like a self-help pamphlet.  That’s ok, I don’t care.  No one has to listen to me.  All I know is that I regularly see the impossible made possible.  I see people who could barely do a pushup from their knees do them from their feet.  I see people who never ever thought they could do a pullup do five straight.  Box jumps, double bodyweight deadlifts, bodyweight overhead squats, muscle ups. The list of the impossible made possible goes on and on.  I see pounds dropped, fat shed, muscle and bone density gained, blood pressure lowered, high cholesterol tamed, lives changed. Yeah, it can get kind of crazy around here.

I want every person who ever started CrossFit but stopped because it was “just too hard”, or “just can’t fit it into my finances”, or “it’s just not right for me”; every person who stopped doing something that you know is really good for you for one of the reasons above, to take a deep breath and take another look at the situation.


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Reminder: The CF West 2 Year Anniversary Party is this Saturday, the 17th, at Motive (the old Pearl Alley Bistro) downtown.  We are kicking it off at 6PM with Paleo drinks and appetizers.  The attire is dress up and looking sharp.


Back Squat


Then (a Highbarger special):

400m Sandbag Run (that means with a sandbag, not a run that you sandbagged)

3 Rounds:

10 Thrusters 115/75#

10 Burpees

200m Sandbag Run