YOU Motivate Me!

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Each day when you come to class your main goal should be that you get better. One of the great things about group classes is we are all enduring the workout together and pushing each other to get through it. A lot of times the pushing of each other comes in the form of healthy competition. So, as you get better, collectively we all get better.

The reason why we put your name and time on the white board during class is not to cast the spotlight on you or to embarrass you. I know a lot of you, especially when you are first starting out are just happy to finish the workout and can care less about your time. Then, more often than not I start to see people lingering a little longer after class around the white board who before seemed to have no interest in what their time was or how it stacked up against others throughout the day. Slowly but surely you start to find the people who push you. You find yourself either trying to just simply keep up with them or stay ahead of them. I’m curious, who pushes you to be a better CrossFitter and why?

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Front Squat (135/95)

Toes 2 Bar