Your CrossFit Gym Bag

Vero PR's on her C&J at 140lbs

Success is determined by many things- desire, intensity, setting goals, good programming, nutrition, proper sleep and recovery, etc.  But there’s one important component that often get’s neglected: preparation.  If you want to be your best it’s crucial to be prepared at all times.  Or as Cliff say’s “organization is the key to success.”

We put together a list of the best things to pack in your CrossFit gym bag to help you be prepared for just about anything in CrossFit at all times.  Just don’t leave your tape laying out or I promise you, it’ll get nabbed!

1. Sports tape-to tape your wrists for OH Squats, Snatches, or cover blisters and boo boos.

2. Lifting shoes or flats AND Running or Cross Trainer shoes- use lifting shoes or indoor soccer type shoes for strength training.  Make your own decision about shoes for the wod based on movements, running requirements, etc.

3. Water!- Remember, even a 1% decrease in hydration can severely effect performance.

4.  Journal- Track your progress!

5. Band Aids, New Skin, Antibiotic ointment-it’s good to be prepared.

6. Callus shaver- you can find this in the beauty section of CVS.  Keep callus’ shaved to avoid tearing.

7. Extra socks- because how many times have you gotten to the gym wearing sandals on a hot sunny day and forgotten your socks?

8. Extra shorts- so you don’t have to go digging through the lost in found when you forget yours, or worse, when they split down the middle during your back squats:)

9.  Tennis ball, lacrosse balls, or something similar- to roll out “hot” spots on shoulders, lats, quads, or anywhere else that needs it.

10.  Post workout snacks (nuts, fruit, etc)- refuel as soon as you can after your workout.  If you must hang around for any reason, it’s good to have something on hand.

11.  Jump Rope- really, size matters:)  So when you find your perfect rope, bring it with you in your bag every day.

12.  Chalk-you can never be too prepared.

13.  Calculator- Need to know what 80% of your 1RM is?

14.  Stop Watch- in case you find yourself doing a wod outside of the gym or running 400 spits on your own at the track.

15. Extra hair ties

Misc and advanced athletes: weight belt, knee sleeves, lifting straps


Back Squat


*add 5lbs from last week


50 Double Unders

5 rounds

200m Run

15 Box jumps (20)

10 Toes to Bar


30 KB Swings (2 pood/53)