Your Feet

Your feet.

Yeah, I know, perhaps not the sexiest or most exciting body part.  But they are pretty important.  And they take a beating in CrossFit.  Think about all the punishment we put our feet through.  Box jumps, running, squatting with heavy weight, dropping off rings and pullup bars, and Olympic lifting with hard-soled shoes.  Ouch.

Yeah, your feet go through a lot for you.  And they don’t get a lot of thanks, much less attention.  Ok, today is give-your-feet-some-love day.  Take off your shoes and socks.  Give your feet a massage.  That’s right, reach down there and rub those dogs.  Dig into your sole with your fingers, stretch your toes forwards and backwards, rub your heel and Achilles tendon.  Take a look at the diagram above.  This foot massage is working a lot.

Stand up and grab a small ball–a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, cue ball, racquet or hand ball, etc.  Gently step on the ball with one foot and slowly put a little weight on it.  Roll the ball around with your feet.  Feel all those little crunchy spots?  Yeah, your footies don’t like them either.

Sit on your heels and give your toes a good stretch.  Then point your toes and sit on your insteps Japanese style.  If you can, raise up your knees and stretch out your insteps and ankle joint.  Sit on your butt with your legs straight out in front of you.  Take one foot and cross it over the other leg.  Grab your foot and ankle and circle your foot both ways.  Finish off with another little massage.  Then repeat with the other foot.

Ah, didn’t that feel good?  Give those poor guys some love now and again.  They do a lot for you.


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